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Wind Group plans water-efficient district in collaboration with Hydraloop

Utrecht, February 8, 2023 – Don't wait for The Hague to change the law, but make plans for water-efficient construction today. Project developer Wind Groep from Drachten, together with the municipality of De Fryske Marren, is working on plan development for Hof van Holland, a new residential area of approximately 200 homes in Lemmer. They are developing the possibility for future residents to save up to 45% on drinking water and waste water using water recycling technology from Hydraloop. Wind Groep is preparing for future regulations for water efficiency. Hydraloop is an important part of realizing the high sustainability ambition of Wind Group and the municipality.

from left to right Klaas Pool (Hydraloop), Harmen Wind (Wind Group), Frank Verschoor (Hydraloop), Roelof Wind (Wind Group)

Harmen Wind (Wind Group Director) and Frank Verschoor (COO Hydraloop) signed an agreement of intent at the Bouwbeurs for the development of the water-efficient district. “We do not want to wait until water-saving measures are officially mandatory, but we want to facilitate homes with an additional water supply network now,” says Harmen Wind, director of the Wind Group. “This not only fits in with our own sustainability ambitions, but above all means a future-proof and stable house for the residents. Recent research by the NVM shows that houses that are not built energy efficiently are clearly less valuable and are also more difficult to sell during the current energy crisis. It is predictable that this will also happen with water in the future.”

Water companies such as Vitens and Waternet have been warning for some time that the national construction plans for 900,000 new homes until 2030 will put pressure on the availability of drinking water in the Netherlands. Through the Association of Drinking Water Companies, they call on the government to regulate the use of drinking water as quickly as possible for non-high-quality applications such as toilet flushing and washing machines.

Wind Group wants to encourage as many homes as possible to be developed with an additional pipe network for water recycling. Residents can then choose how much water they want to save. A Hydraloop device can save up to 45% in water while fully maintaining living comfort. If residents also choose to shower with purified rainwater, savings can even amount to more than 75%.

Without the application of water-saving techniques, the Dutch use an average of 129 liters of drinking water per day, the vast majority of which disappears directly into the sewer after use. A Hydraloop device can reduce drinking water consumption to approximately 75 liters per person per day. By also showering with purified rainwater, even 30 liters per person per day is feasible. In addition, wastewater production decreases by up to 45% and residents, water companies and water boards implicitly save energy and CO2 emissions.

If it is up to Wind Groep and Hydraloop, Hof van Holland in Lemmer will be the third new construction project in which both companies will jointly realize water-saving homes. The companies previously worked together in the Blitsaerd district in Leeuwarden in 2018 and 2022.

“We are pleased that we have been able to gain the trust in previous projects with Wind Group to now be able to make major steps together. We look forward to contributing our knowledge and expertise and being able to offer future residents targeted options in a timely manner,” says Frank Verschoor, COO of Hydraloop.

About Wind Group

Wind Group is a family business specialized in the development of projects for various target groups. The company initiates integrated area developments for living and recreation and designs and realizes buildings for sports and education. Sustainability and especially circularity plays an important role in every project of the company. Four aspects are particularly important. Generation of sustainable energy, use of biobased building materials, heating and cooling with aquathermal energy and savings on drinking water consumption. Good examples are the cultivation of fiber hemp at its development locations and the in-house production of 5MW of solar power.

About Hydraloop

Hydraloop is an internationally fast-growing Dutch company that has developed a patented solution to use water more efficiently within buildings. Climate change, persistent droughts, further urbanization and a growing population create an increasing need for more efficient water use in large parts of the world.

A Hydraloop device cleans lightly contaminated gray water from shower, bath, washing machine, sink and condensation water from tumble dryers, heat pumps and air conditioning, which can then be reused for toilet flushing, washing machine, garden and swimming pool. This can save up to 45% in water consumption and wastewater emissions.

Hydraloop reusable water is clean, safe, disinfected and meets the highest international standards. The Frisian company's system is internationally recognized as a solution to the global water crisis and has been awarded prestigious awards, such as innovation prizes at CES 2020 and CES 2023 in Las Vegas (USA) and the Global WIPO Award from the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). in 2022.


Press contact

Harmen Wind, director of Wind | +31 6 1089 1662

Barbara Mounier, head of communications Hydraloop | +31 6 3808 1440


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