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Hydraloop Project Alert: Biobased home in Nieuwehorne

Saving water with Hydraloop is a great solution for every home and building – but sometimes, our water reuse tech is included in projects that go above and beyond. Today, we want to introduce you to the first biobased living project in Nieuwehorne (the Netherlands) that combines prefab building with the highest standards of eco-friendly materials.

This impressive project includes a wooden construction and facade, reused concrete, floor heating, biobased and isolating windows, and PV panels, as well as a green roof. It will be fully insulated with fibre hemp insulation. Next to our greywater recycling system, the home will also harvest rainwater. The garden features a gravel pit for rainwater drainage and is planted with local wildflowers that enhance biodiversity.

The living project in Nieuwehorne will officially be opened in about two months. Just before Christmas, Alderman Jaap van Veen of Heerenveen municipality visited the construction site and the premises of DW Bouw, where the house is built with bio-based building materials. The house will be completely assembled in the coming days. Then it is moved to the construction site in the Fjilden.

This innovative biobased project is designed by Achterbosch Architects, and realized by DW Bouw, Miedema, Greeninclusive, Soprema Netherlands, and many partners.


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