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Press Release: NDX and Hydraloop collaborate to disrupt water management solutions

NDX and Hydraloop announce the signing of a strategic agreement to disrupt water management solutions

- Agreement signed on the sidelines of COP 28 in the UAE

- Partnership aims at disrupting the water management systems by leveraging the world's first IOT-connected water recycling solution.

Dubai, December 01 – On the sidelines of the influential COP28 summit in the United Arab Emirates, NDX B.V., the technology-focused investment arm of ND Group B.V., a private equity and investment firm dedicated to catalyzing advancements in climate technology, sustainability, and energy transition, announced the signing of an agreement to establish transformative cooperation with Hydraloop, the world's first IoT-connected, consumer-friendly water recycling technology.

This strategic agreement exemplifies NDX's unwavering commitment to investing in and fostering technologies that address current challenges and lay the groundwork for solutions aimed at tomorrow's sustainability and climate change issues, endangering mankind's lives and livelihoods.

The COP28 summit, a dedicated forum shaping the global agenda on climate and sustainability, provides an ideal platform to cultivate forward-looking partnerships rooted in the innovation and technological disruption necessary to navigate challenges triggered by climate change, particularly water stress.

This groundbreaking partnership positions NDX at the forefront of empowering sustainable technologies while enabling Hydraloop's cutting-edge water recycling solutions to expand globally across diverse applications, including industrial facilities, energy, water management systems, and water efficiency at off-grid locations.

Ali Vezvaei, the CEO of ND Group, emphasized, "Our announcement at COP28 signifies the convergence of responsibility, innovation, and environmental stewardship while aiming at creating enduring impact and economic value add. This agreement symbolizes a pivotal moment for marking a profound leap toward addressing the ever-increasing global water challenges."

Arthur Valkieser, CEO of Hydraloop International, stated, "This collaboration not only showcases our commitment to pioneering solutions but also underscores the essence of why Hydraloop technology was invented – to make a meaningful impact by saving water precisely where it is needed most. Together with NDX, we embark on a journey to embed Hydraloop technology, on a decentral basis and in off-grid locations, that aligns with our vision of providing sustainable water solutions that transcend boundaries and redefine the future of water conservation.”

About NDX Group

Established in 2008, ND X Group is an international private equity and portfolio holding company based in the Netherlands with a presence in the U.K., Germany, UAE, and the U.S. NDX is passionate about technology and profoundly committed to creating lasting impact by empowering companies, entrepreneurs and innovative minds to create a more sustainable, efficient and inclusive future. For the company, success is anchored in the values we aspire to live every day.

About Hydraloop

Hydraloop's technology is the world's first IoT-connected water recycling system that reduces total in-house water consumption by 25-45 percent. A Hydraloop device collects and cleans greywater from various sources, such as showers, baths, washing machines, and condensation water from dryers, heat pumps, and air conditioning. The treated water can be reused for a wide range of non-potable applications such as flushing, washing machines, and irrigation. Hydraloop's reused water is clean, safe, and disinfected. Its water meets the highest international standards, like the US NSF-350 and European EN-16841.


For further information;

NDX: Rachael Woodward,, +971508961007

Hydraloop International: Alexander Euler,, +971 522845700


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