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Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Denver, CO – The Colorado River Basin-based Future of Water Fund announced today it will lead the US investment round for Hydraloop, the only IoT-connected, consumer-friendly water recycling system that reduces water consumption by up to 45 percent.

The announcement comes as California faces what the NY Times called: “the strictest water conservation rules ever imposed in the state.”

Hydraloop is the first investment of the emerging venture fund founded by leading water entrepreneur Will Sarni and fund manager Paul Tencher. Sarni, also CEO of international water strategy advisory firm Water Foundry, will help Hydraloop’s leadership build and execute on its North American growth strategy.

Hydraloop collects water from baths and showers, and washing machines, as well as condensation from dryers, air conditioners and heat pumps. Its sustainable and patented six-step process cleans the water to the strictest global standards for non-potable use and redistributes water to washing machines, toilets and irrigation systems using the water for a second time.

“The American West is among the world’s most water-stressed regions and is facing impacts to economic development especially in high-demand housing markets. Hydraloop will transform the way we use water by using it twice,” said Future of Water Fund founder and CEO Will Sarni. “Climate change is creating water insecurity across the globe. We believe the opportunities for investing in digital technologies to address water quality and scarcity are substantial. Our fund will build a portfolio of exponential technology companies solving wicked water problems starting with the groundbreaking team at Hydraloop.”

Hydraloop is a stylish hardware appliance designed for residential use and easily stackable for commercial applications. Its low maintenance, NSF-350 certified technology is free of membranes, filters and chemicals and is IoT-enabled making it the next generation of smart home devices focused on sustainability. Hydraloop was the winner of Best of the Best, Best Startup, Best of Innovation and Best Sustainable Product at the Consumer Electronics Show. The company is headquartered in the Netherlands and has subsidiaries in the US and the Middle East. Hydraloop collaborates with over 140 local sales, distribution and service partners, in a rapidly expanding global network.

"In the US, we're already facing the consequences of climate change, an ever increasing population and building demands. The resulting water stress is becoming the new normal. Hydraloop is thrilled to collaborate with the Colorado River Basin's Future of Water Fund. Together we will amplify the message about the urgent need for water conservation with progressive action that accelerates the adoption of our water-saving technology,” said Fernando Ramirez, Managing Director Hydraloop Inc.

About The Colorado River Basin-based Future of Water Fund

The Colorado River Basin’s Future of Water Fund is focused on scaling technology solutions to address water scarcity in this critical watershed. The fund will invest in startups addressing water scarcity, quality and equitable access through technologies that help with things like leak detection in smart homes, real time water quantity and quality monitoring in business-dependent watersheds, and next-generation water recycling, and alternative hydration sources.

The fund is led by Will Sarni, a veteran water tech investor, advisor and board member to multi-national companies and an internationally recognized leader in water strategy and innovation. The fund is managed by venture investor Paul Tencher, a former communications executive and trusted senior adviser to five U.S. Senators.

About Hydraloop

Hydraloop’s mission is to use water twice.

Its award-winning and internationally recognized products reduce water usage and wastewater emissions by up to 45%, delivering a smaller carbon footprint without sacrificing homeowners’ or businesses’ comfort. It is the only water recycling system that is IoT-enabled with the ability to be monitored remotely. Its modular design allows an easily stackable expansion for larger residential and commercial use.


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