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Hydraloop Systems Best Featured ISH innovation granted by the Digital Bathroom Association

Hydraloop Systems is proud to be part of the BEST FEATURED ISH INNOVATION selection, granted by the Digital Bathroom Association.

The DBA grants the BEST FEATURED ISH INNOVATION to innovative companies or concepts that help to accelerate the digital transformation of the bathroom. It is a statement of encouragement from industry peers to industry peers who choose to prioritize innovation in the fast-changing world of the digital bathroom. Thanks to their hard work and vision we all move forward in the transformation of the bathroom.

Hydraloop has been selected because it offers a unique solution to give water, our ‘Blue Gold’, a second life in homes and smart buildings by using it twice. The system recycles greywater from showers, hand basins, air conditioners to use for flushing toilets, watering plants, and other water-consuming activities.“Hydraloop is smart, sustainable, and has aesthetic appeal, all three aspects are fully in line with our award criteria. It is a true innovation that can help accelerate the development of the bathroom of the future. The world needs Hydraloop!” says Thomas Serval, Chairman of the Digital Bathroom Association.


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