Every day we use water as it is a vital condition of life. However, the availability of fresh water on our earth is steadily decreasing. Water is becoming our ‘Blue Gold’. 


Decentralized recycling & reusing of water is the most effective and economical alternative source of water. By recycling 'at the source’ and using water twice, we can substantially curb the increasing demand in fresh water.


That is why Hydraloop developed the first of its kind, compact, next generation, smart, self cleaning, low maintenance water recycle products. The unique and patentend game changing water treatment technology ensures clean, clear and safe water to reuse again. With Hydraloop’s turn key products you can continue ‘life as usual’, without exhausting our earth's resources.

Hydraloop smart home solutions are essential for eco-living and offer sustainable living without compromise on quality of life. Hydraloop solutions for buildings, lodges and hotels offer circular and sustainable operation of your business, adding value to property and contributing towards certification.


Hydraloop ensures perfect quality and certified recycled water to substantially save on domestic water usage without compromise on quality of life or personal hygiene


Hydraloop makes commercial buildings more sustainable and contributes towards LEED and BREEAM certification, herewith increasing their value.

Hotels & Lodges

Guests demand high quality service, also on locations where fresh water is scarce. Hydraloop offers your business to be more sustainable and resilient.


"The Hydraloop has been in use for several months now and to my complete satisfaction. The installation was well taken care of by Arthur and a colleague. In the beginning I had to get used to the sounds of the device (bubbling water when it is in motion) but now not a nuisance but familiar.

Petra Verboom, Bed & Breakfast DeBoomInn 
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