Hydraloop’s head office is situated at the Water Campus in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands. The Water Campus is the Dutch meeting point of the water technology sector and Leeuwarden is named as an United Nations Innovating City. (www.watercampus.nl)

Our US office is situated at the Water Council at the The Global Water Center in Milwaukee.


Over 10 years ago, we decided it had to be possible to create a compact in-house water recycle system to drastically reduce water usage, yet not compromise on living comfort, that would be affordable and easy in use, low on maintenance and look stylish. We spent these years on R&D, designing, building and extensive on location field testing. 


By November 2017 our initial next generation smart water saving product first came to market in the Netherlands. Many systems were installed in several countries worldwide via our expanding partner netwerk and in January 2020 we initiated our global product launch in Las Vegas during the Consumer and Electronics Show, where we were awarded ‘Best of Innovation’ in the category ’Sustainability, Eco-design and Smart Energy’. During the fair, Hydraloop also won awards for Best Start Up, Best Sustainable Product and Best of the Best, beating more than 4000 competitors in different categories.

We started with the basic idea to reuse water from the bathroom and washing machine, however we quickly discovered that realizing this simple idea into a reliable and affordable product was challenging. We tried and tested many treatment methods with different technologies, filters and membranes and discovered that using filters was not the right approach. Filters and membranes always clog and need regular maintenance and we decided this was not the way forward for a consumer product. We invented a new approach and designed a completely innovative method from scratch to remove dirt, soap and other particles from the water by uniquely combining six water treatment technologies. We achieved our goals by offering clean, clear, certified and safe recycled water with our self cleaning smart home internet connected Hydraloop unit.



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Hydraloop Systems B.V.

Head office


WaterCampus, Agora 4

8934 CJ 


The Netherlands

+31 88 100 3500


US office


Global Water Center 247 W.

Freshwater Way Suite 201

Milwaukee, WI 53202 USA


 +1 414 89 500 21


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Shared Smart Factory:

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Kapitein Grantstraat 9 

7821 AP Emmen

The Netherlands



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Hydraloop Systems B.V.

Water Campus Leeuwarden

Agora 4, 8934 CJ Leeuwarden, Holland

+31 (0)88 100 3500

USA: Global Water Center, 247 W.

Freshwater Way,  Suite 210

Milwaukee, WI 53202


 +1 414 89 500 21

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