We are committed to develop and turn new ideas into game changing turn key products with breakthrough technologies. Our research and development is continuously striving to create more solutions for different applications in decentralized water recycling. We create quality products to high standards and ensure these products are fully operational and safe.


Hydraloop has been created with its own unique and patented water treatment technology. All other existing water treatment systems use filters or membranes to treat water, which clog and need regular cleaning and maintenance. The Hydraloop technology is the heart of the system - removes dirt, soap and other pollution without using a filter, membrane or chemicals. The treatment system combines five technologies; Sedimentation, Flotation, Dissolved Air Flotation, Foam fractionation and an Aerobic Bioreactor. The sixth technology, which is the final treatment, is disinfection using UV light. 


Hydraloop has many safety system checks, 24/7. All important components within the Hydraloop system are monitored and in case of abnormal behavior of a component, the Hydraloop automatically switches to back-up water (mains or rain water) and sends a caution message to you and your installer.


The Hydraloop water treatment technology is internationally protected by patents and patents pending. 

Hydraloop is a registered trademark.

How Hydraloop works

The Hydraloop reuse water quality is independently tested and certified by PIA in Aachen in Germany. PIA is an internationally accredited and notified testing body for the certification of wastewater treatment products.


KIWA, a world top leader in Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC), granted Hydraloop its safety certificate.


Hydraloop has been awarded the Swiss quality label ‘Efficient Solution’ by the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions.


Hydraloop products are guaranteed high quality products, produced by production partner Technologies Added, an ISO certified smart production factory based in the Netherlands.

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There are two options for installing the water connections to and from the Hydraloop

Additional technical drawings are available on request

Hydraloop products are stylish, so you do not have to hide the Hydraloop unit. Installation in house or building is easy, just as easy as installing other white good appliances. The space needed of one Hydraloop unit is only 0,25 square meter / 3 square feet. 


Preparing the plumbing for a Hydraloop system is easy in new built projects and as part of a renovation. It’s also very well possible to install Hydraloop product in existing homes or buildings; ease is depending on the specific situation. 


Hydraloop Home

Please select your situation below, to view how to prepare the plumbing: 

Hydraloop Cascade

With a Hydraloop Cascade the required capacity can easily be configured by the amount of Hydraloop units that are interconnected into one Hydraloop Cascade recycling plant. We offer made to measure solutions for your project with a maximum water recycling capacity of 6000 liter (1.585 gallons) a day. 


If you send us a drawing of your project we can propose a plumbing proposal with the easiest solution to prepare the plumbing.


Placement of the Hydraloop unit and commissioning it, is comparable with connecting a washing machine. When the Hydraloop unit is placed, water, waste water and internet connections are fitted, the unit will be switched on and tested. The central Hydraloop server will do a quick-check to check performance and connections of the Hydraloop unit. If plumbing is prepared as specified by Hydraloop, the placement and commissioning process will require a total of ±1,5 hour. 

Hydraloop maintenance requirements are very low. The unit is self-cleaning and does not need regular cleaning or servicing. Every Hydraloop unit’s performance is on-line monitored 24/7 and all components are checked internally. In the unlikely case a component fails, Hydraloop will automatically adapt itself to the situation. If, for example, the UV disinfection lamp fails, the unit will automatically switch to its backup water facility (mains or rain water) and will discontinue offering recycled water. Your app will send a notification that your system is running. Your Hydraloop installer will also be informed by email and can replace the UV lamp, which takes about 1 hour. The expected life-time of the UV lamp is 4 years, and we recommend to replace the inexpensive UV lamp every 3 years. We also recommend an overall preventive maintenance check once a year. 

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