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Hydraloop 'fully funded' for rapid international growth

With a financial injection from Niverplast and Rabobank, Hydraloop Systems BV is able to scale up its organization and respond faster to growing market demand. The company will expand its international network, bring new products to the market, and focus on innovation.

State secretary Mona Keijzer, Sabine Stuiver and Arthur Valkieser

Work visit Mona Keijzer at Hydraloop

Arthur Valkieser, CEO of Hydraloop Systems, announced this during a virtual work visit by State Secretary of Economic Affairs Mona Keijzer. Keijzer: "In January, I was present when Hydraloop was named Best of the Best at CES, the largest technology exhibition in the world. I already knew then that it would only be a matter of time before they'd conquer the world. And now it is going to happen, despite the economic headwinds. For me, Hydraloop is the example of the Dutch philosophy of innovation: an invention that improves the world and generates money and jobs in my own country".

Ideal scenario

Arthur Valkieser is proud that at this special moment in time, Hydraloop has gained the trust of Niverplast and Rabobank: "There were other parties interested in investing. But with these partners, we have succeeded in our ideal scenario: the combination of a manufacturing industrialist and an international bank that values sustainability. With Niverplast and Rabobank on board, we receive in-depth support and are fully funded to achieve our goals. In total it is substantially more than a few million".

Hundreds of new partners

Hydraloop designs and produces award-winning water recycling systems for consumers and businesses. Due to the growing shortage of water, demand is increasing worldwide. As a result, this year the company has signed with dozens of partners around the world who sell and install Hydraloop systems. With the support, Hydraloop can now expand its international network with hundreds of new partners. In addition, Hydraloop is further expanding its organization in the Netherlands and the US and will further align its product portfolio with market demand in 2021. With the preparation of additional patent applications, Hydraloop is also fully committed to innovation.

From start-up to scale-up

Rabobank sees Hydraloop as an example in the field of cleantech. With its sustainable system, Hydraloop won last year's Rabobank Innovation Challenge in the category Circularity. David van Lynden, Sustainable Business Developer at Rabobank: "Hydraloop has developed itself quickly from start-up to scale-up. The award-winning water recycling system offers a great solution to make water consumption more sustainable worldwide. This is desperately needed, because water is essential, both as drinking water and for food production. Our mission 'Banking for food' therefore becomes 'Banking for water' in this story. Rabobank fully supports Hydraloop's objectives".

Invaluable experience

Machine manufacturer Niverplast produces in the Netherlands, just like Hydraloop. The company sells its packaging products in more than 100 countries. Valkieser: "Niverplast brings us much more than a financial injection. We are happy with the involvement of these entrepreneurs. Their knowledge and experience are invaluable to us". Gerrit Jan Nieuwenhuis and Richard Nieuwenhuis, directors of Niverplast: "The growing water shortage is a worldwide problem. Hydraloop's mission is straight from the heart and we are happy to help realize it".


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