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Press Release: Hydraloop Partners with Y.S.A. on Tiny House Empowerment Village

San Francisco, April 22, 2022 – Hydraloop is proud to partner with the Youth Spirit Artworks (Y.S.A.) organization. A big thank you to our partner Christian Johnson of ARCspace for introducing us to Y.S.A. and their mission. In addition to the Y.S.A., we are honored to have worked on the Tiny House Empowerment Village with Seth Wachtel, Professor at University of San Francisco (USF), Rolf Bell, General Contractor, and Flow Masters Plumbing, a Bay Area-wide Plumbing Service Company, that specializes in technical installs and diagnostics.

“The Master Plan for the Youth Spirit Artworks Empowerment Village was created by a team of University of San Francisco architecture students under the direction of Prof. Seth Wachtel. The team worked collaboratively with YSA youth in developing the design. An important goal during this process was to develop a design where residents would feel immediately welcome in a larger environment and also able to find a variety of interaction levels throughout the day and at night. We were seeking ways to create a sense of community with a comfortable balance of public, semi-private and private spaces. This focus led us toward creating of a sense of Place; where a wide variety of social engagements were available, as well as shelter and security”, explains Wachtel.

“The Empowerment Village is a wonderful program and just the opportunity to play a small part in it has been an honor. It is amazing to see what can happen when people unite for a cause and put the mission into action!”, says Marc Rico, Director of Business Development for Hydraloop.

The Village opened its doors to residents in November of 2021 with construction still ongoing. We are pleased to have our Hydraloop system fully operational in the village and assisting in the villages water conservation efforts. Started in 2017, Wachtel and some of his USF students, helped with the overall design of the village and structures within.

Furthermore, Bell is the lead on directing all trades and volunteers for the village. Bell was also key in developing the housing structure for the Hydraloop system and insuring proper electrical set-up. A special recognition to Conor Crawford of Flow Masters, and his crew for their in-kind contribution of time and skills to preparing the recycle ready plumbing and the installation of the Hydraloop system.

Hydraloop is committed to working with commercial partners as well as governments and other key stakeholders to meet the rapidly increasing challenges of water supply and wastewater treatment. Being part of the implementation for the Village is one way we can live out our mission of contributing to the water crisis solution and deliver social impact. Looking forward to being a part of future empowerment villages in the Bay area and beyond.

About Hydraloop

Hydraloop is an internationally recognized multi-award-winning venture that empowers people and organizations to save up to 45% on water and wastewater, reduce their carbon footprint, and keep full comfort of living with low maintenance decentralized greywater recycling systems. Hydraloop supplies compact and scalable solutions for residential and commercial real estate.

Hydraloop has offices in the United States, the Middle East, and the Netherlands. In January 2020, Hydraloop was the first Dutch company ever to win four awards at the world's largest consumer electronics exhibition CES in Las Vegas, including 'Best of the Best'. Hydraloop can be seen on Netflix: the water recycling system is presented in the documentary 'Brave Blue World' as one of the solutions for the global water crisis.

About Y.S.A.

Youth Spirit Artworks (YSA) is a 13-year old interfaith job training non-profit committed to

empowering and transforming the lives of homeless and underserved low-income Bay

Area youth, ages 16-25. YSA’s youth-led efforts provide innovative jobs training and

placement and engage youth as leaders in community revitalization.

Since 2007, more than 700 homeless and low-income youth have participated in YSA programs and more than 500 program graduates have gone on to receive a high school diploma, enter college, begin work, or become employed by YSA.

More information

Media Contact Jessica Bright Marketing Specialist +1 856 535 6283 Hydraloop Inc. Marc Rico Director of Business Development +1 925 642 0657

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