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Internship Grey Water Treatment

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

Hydraloop is looking for an Intern on Greywater Treatment to work on product improvement and development. At Hydraloop, we are constantly working on improving our products and developing new ones. Right now, we are looking for an intern to support our research projects at our lab setup at the Water Application Center in Leeuwarden, NL.


As Intern on Greywater Treatment, you will collaborate in essential aspects of product improvement and development with focus on operation of our products under different conditions and evaluation of performance. You will combine theoretical and practical work on greywater treatment technologies.

An important part of your role is to support the development and testing protocols for assessing the performance of our systems and operating the systems during defined test conditions. You will run product performance tests, collect data and compare results with literature to find alternatives to improve and develop new products. You will also be responsible for presenting your results and ideas to the R&D Team.


  • BSc or MSc student, based in the EU with background on chemical, bioprocess or environmental engineering.

  • Independent, highly motivated, enthusiastic, proactive, and willing to learn new skills.

  • A good level of English is required.

  • Experience working with bioreactors or, background in wastewater treatment or microbiology is appreciated.

Our offer

  • Start: As soon as possible. Preferably September or October 2022

  • Duration: 4-12 months

  • Place: Hydraloop Offices at Wetsus and Labs of the Water Application Center, Leeuwarden, NL

  • Allowance: €450/month

About Hydraloop

At Hydraloop we have a vision that in 10 years’ time no building will be built without its own greywater recycling system. We believe water recycling systems should become a standard item in every single home and building, just like climate control, solar panels, or heat pumps.

Hydraloop launched globally and had its worldwide breakthrough at CES 2020 where Hydraloop was awarded as ‘Best of Innovation’ in the category ’Sustainability, Eco-design, and Smart Energy’.

Today, Hydraloop has extended its partner network over all continents. In the documentary Brave Blue World, the company is featured as one of the solutions to solve the worldwide water crisis. Hydraloop is based on the Water Campus in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands and at the Global Water Center in Milwaukee, United States. More information at our website

How to apply?

Send your motivation letter (Max. 1 page) and CV to


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