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Insufficient tap water during dry summers?
Use water twice with Hydraloop

The assurance of sufficient water is essential for your campsite. Without running water, there are no guests. But the availability of water is no longer so obvious. In dry periods, water is scarce, and the supply is sometimes even limited. Moreover, it is becoming an increasingly significant cost in your campsite budget.
In the future, these problems seem only to become more extreme. The solution? Use water twice with Hydraloop!
Environmentally friendly recycling of greywater
Your guests want the comfort of a nice shower, washing dishes, and using the washing machine. This consumes a lot of precious water. The Hydraloop system recycles the water from showers and sinks. Afterward, you reuse the purified water for toilets, washing machines and outdoor spaces.
With a unique sustainable treatment process, soap residues and impurities are removed from the water and discharged to the sewer or septic tank. Without filters that clog and without chemicals, clean water is immediately reused in the sanitary building and for outdoor areas.

Vores vision: Bygningsklar til genbrug. Om 10 år 
hver ny bygning vil have sit eget gråvandsgenbrugssystem 

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Safe and hygienic for reuse

After cleaning, the water meets the highest European standards for non-drinking water
reuse. This means you no longer need to use valuable drinking water.
Hydraloop water is safe for:
• toilets
• washing machines
• gardens, lawns, and plants
• swimming pools (depending on local regulations)
Up to 45% less water consumption
Reusing cleaned greywater results in a water saving of 25 to 45% per year. Moreover, you increase the water security of your campsite. This way, you prevent guests from being unable to shower and you have water to keep your grounds green.
Up to 45% less wastewater
Because the water from showers and sinks is reused with Hydraloop, your campsite also produces up to 45% less wastewater. This saves costs and reduces the environmental impact and wastewater treatment load.

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Especially for campsites

Hydraloop Cascade System

With the Hydraloop Cascade system, we connect multiple devices to each other. This way,we create a system that seamlessly matches the water consumption of your campsite. The installation of the system and the adaptation of pipelines cost no more than a few days. Hydraloop grows with you: if you expand, we can also expand the Cascade or place an additional Cascade near an additional sanitary building. You can also opt for the convenience of a ready-to-use Hydraloop Cascade System in a container.

Price indication campsite with 135 pitches: starting from euro 25,000 (excluding VAT, transport, and installation)

Vores vision: Bygningsklar til genbrug. Om 10 år 
hver ny bygning vil have sit eget gråvandsgenbrugssystem 

Adriaan Wisse

10 reasons to choose Hydraloop

Water security for your campsite

  1. Water security for your campsite 

  2. Tailor-made to the water consumption of each sanitary building

  3. Environmentally friendly technology

  4. Self-cleaning system

  5. Low maintenance

  6. Residue automatically to sewer or septic tank

  7. Quickly and easily installed

  8. 24/7 online monitoring with a convenient dashboard

  9. Automatic water backup system

  10. Modular and scalable

Watch how camping owner Adriaan Wisse stopped flushing precious drinking water down the toilets at his campsite.
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