Hydraloop’s partner network is growing fast. Are you interested in getting a Hydraloop water recycling solution, and there’s no Hydraloop partner in your region yet? Please get in touch with us, and we will find a Hydraloop installer near you. 


we are looking for local HYDRALOOP partners

We are actively building up our partner network. If your company profile meets our criteria, we can start building up a business relationship with you. Then you can start marketing and selling our unique, award-winning water recycling products in your region.


We are open to discuss:

  • distribution of Hydraloop products

  • private label production, and

  • licensing our patented water treatment technology.



HYDRALOOP partner portal

This is our online training center for partners, to educate and assist in:

  • plumbing preparations for Hydraloop projects, and

  • installing and commissioning Hydraloop products.


The Hydraloop Partner Portal is only accessible to our partners.